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My Story

I was born around a camera. My mom being a wedding photographer for majority of my youth had a serious unconscious impression on my future. I started out my career as a stunt actor, working closely with high end Directors of Photography and Cinematographers. I strove everyday to better understand angles and theory of film from in front of a camera. When I became critically injured from stunts I quickly turned to film as an outlet. Within a few short months this became a passion and quickly developed into a career. Over the past 6 years my business has expanded from photography to all media's including 3D.  I have had the honor to shoot for National Geographic capturing the documentation of shipwrecks off the coast of Palawan. Built an expansive travel and events portfolio working with Pollen and numerous 5 star resorts. I've cultivated the unique visual branding of many reputable product brands, and had the honor of being the main content creator and brand identity developer for successful social media influencers such as SilvanaKicks. 

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